Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reptile (4) - Green Crested Lizard (GCL)

The GCL, in my opinion, is the most photogenic lizard in Singapore. The body colour is bright green, sometimes with a bluish tinge on the head. Its range is in decline possibly due to competition from the more common Changeable Lizard (Calcotes Versicolor). I was lucky to have seen them on a few occasions mostly at Venus Drive (5 times), Pulau Ubin and recently at Margaret Drive.

(Venus Drive - 25 Nov 08)

When threatened, its body can turn into brown colour as seen in the image below:

(Pulau Ubin - 12 Sep 09)

They are usually very skittish to human but on a lucky day, they may allow you to get some close-up shots.

(The eye of GCL - Venus Drive - 9 Jan 09

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