Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amphibian (2) - American Bull Frog (Rana Catesbeiana)

The American Bull Frog is a native of the U.S. and southern Canada. This species has been freed into ponds and reserviors in Singapore. It is the largest frog species in Singapore. This was spotted at a pond in Ang Mo Kio West Town Garden. My first encounter with such a huge frog, about 5 inches long. It was reported that there has been a noticable increse in the no. of this species in our reserviors. It can also be found in Singapore Botanical Gardens.

(Male, Ang Mo Kio West Town Garden - 30 Jan 2010)

The male has ear drum bigger than the size of its eyes while the female is about the same size of its eyes. They are fred for food as their hind legs are muscular and well suited as 'frog-legs' for the local restaurant market.

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