Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reptile (5a) - Changeable Lizard

A male Changeable Lizard in bleeding colour.

(Sungei Buloh Nature Trail - 18 Mar 2009)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amphibian (7) - Four-ridged Toad, Bufo quadriporcatus

This bright-coloured looking frog is a ground dweller, it hides in the undergrowth during the day. There are a few short raised ridges between the eyes. Males are often bright orange in colour.

(Front view - Upper Peirce, 5 Jun 10)

(Side view - Upper Peirce, 5 Jun 10)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mudskippers are actually fish that breathe with gills. Mudskippers belong to the Family Gobiidae. They are commonly seen on many of our shores and are particularly abundant in mangroves and muddy shores.

In water, the mudskipper breathes through gills like other fishes do. However, when on land, it carries around its own "air tanks"; a mixture of air and water in its gill chambers. The blood vessels in the gills absorb the oxygen as the water passes through the gills. When the oxygen is used up, a fresh mouthful of water is gulped in.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Amphibian (6) - Malesian Frog (Limnonectes malesianus)

(Upper Pierce - 29 Aug 09)

Amphibian (5) - Malayan Giant Frog (Limnonectes blythii)

This is a juvenile Malayan Giant Frog, about 4 cm in length. An adult frog would not have the mottled botches on its whole body except the young. Adult looks quite different from young as it appears dull light green skin without mott. It could grow into a 17.5 cm giant frog!

(Bukit Timah Nature Trail - 9 Mar 09)

Amphibian (4) - Unknown Frog - Request for ID

This was a small frog about 3 to 4 cm in size. It was found on the same stream with the the Puddle frog (see previous post). They do not look like the same species to me. I would appreciate if anyone can help me with the ID.

(Upper Pierce - 26 Dec 09)

Amphibian (3) - Puddle Frog (Pending Confirmation)

(Upper Pierce - 26 Dec 09)

(Upper Pierce - 26 Dec 09)